Have a look through some of my previous floral creations

And get some inspo for how you’d like your own flowers to be framed!

Here’s what you can do with your blooms

Showcase a handful of blooms...

In small extras, or packages such as Just the Two of Us, which are perfect for 1-2 big blooms
and a sprinkling of smaller flowers. These items make the perfect gifts or subtle keepsakes to
dot around the home.

4 x 4" Cube

6 X 6" Square-Block

6" Sphere Block

7 Alphabet Initial

7" Arch Block

8" Hexagon

9 x 6" Rectangle Block

10 x 10" Picture Frame Block

10 x 10" Square Block

10" Heart Block

12 x 9" Rectangle Block

10 x 10" Square Block


Christmas Baubles

Chunky Coaster

Oval and Round Trinket Dishes

Ring and Bracelet Holder

Tealight Candle Holder

Frame your wedding bouquet...

In a statement resin block, which offers a whole bunch of ways to frame your flowers – with a
variety of styles to choose from!

Or go all in and freeze as many of your
blooms in time as you can!

With my WOW factor packages – Down the Aisle, The Vows, or a custom Perfect Day bundle.
These are perfect to showcase your bouquet, add in other special keepsakes, and decorate
your house with reminders of your special day.